Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Articles and Blog Combination Is Very Powerful Marketing

Articles and Blog Combination Is Very Powerful Marketing

(Source) That is wrong. Go to, or, or any of the other sites that cater to ghostwriter services, and you will find people seeking high quality articles of 500 words or more, yet they are only willing to pay $1 - maybe $2 at most.

These are people who have no idea of how articles can be used to enhance your SEO efforts. The main reason why I say that is this: If you can get someone to write a high quality, 500 word article for peanuts, then you are dealing with an idiot. Idiots do not write high quality articles. They are idiots.

This is a bit harsh, but I’ll have to agree. Article marketing itself is a time-consuming art. You can’t rush it and you certainly don’t want to try to rush results. I’d have to that while article marketing is an effective way to market your online business, it is much more effective to combine article marketing with blogging. Both of these methods on their own are effective, but together they are very powerful.

To be maximally effective, you should put a link to your website and to your blog in all of your article author bios. Use your blog as a way to communicate with potential customers in a way that builds your credibility and gives your readers valuable knowledge that they can use. You don’t want to tell them everything you know about your subject, but you do want to tell them as much as you can and by providing the most in-depth knowledge of your topic that you can part with you ensure that you are giving your readers a reason to believe that you are the expert. Both articles and blogs improve your credibility quotient and when used together they are very powerful.

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